Braymor Block

Move In Procedures

I would like to thank you for choosing to rent with Braymor Student Housing for the 2024-2025 rental season. Your house will be ready for move-in in accordance with your Lease on Friday, August 9th at 12:00 PM.

When you arrive at the property the front door keys and parking pass for your vehicle will be on the kitchen counter. Your bedroom door keys will be in the bedroom door locks.

If you will not be moving in until after the move-in date, please let me know. Next, please review the following reminders and highlighted lease requirements:

1. Move-In Day: August 9th, 2024 @ 12:00 PM

Your house or apartment will be ready for move-in in accordance with your lease agreement on August 9th at 12:00 PM. If you will not be moving in on the move-in date, please notify Braymor before August 8, 2024.

2. Access and Keys

When you arrive at the property the front door will be open, and your exterior keys will be on the kitchen counter. All bedroom door keys will be in the bedroom door locks.

3. August Rent

August Rent is due on or before August 1, 2024. In accordance with your lease both the first and months’ rent are not prorated.

4. How To Pay Rent

Rent should be mailed to Braymor Development at P.O. Box 22455, 634 W. Exchange St., Akron, OH 44302-9998, sent via Venmo to @Braymor, or placed in the drop box located on the side of the garage behind 498 Brown St., next to the Braymor banner.

5. Repairs Needed

At the time of move-in, if there are any repairs or defects discovered, you must notify Braymor within seven (7) days after move-in or you will be held responsible for all damages in said Premises upon move-out. Additionally, if there are any repairs that are needed throughout the lease term at your property, do not hesitate to text or call Braymor 24/7 at 330-715-3481 or submit a maintenance request at or email to

6. Trash Day

Your trash date is on Wednesday. In that regard, please make sure that you pull your trash cart to the curb on Tuesdays before 5:00 PM. and placed behind your house after pick-up on Wednesdays before 5:00 PM.

7. Spectrum Cable/Internet

Contact Spectrum prior to move-in at 877-772-2253 to set up your cable and internet services.

8. Security System

If your house is equipped with a SimpliSafe you are responsible for the monthly service charge if you choose to activate it. If you activate the system, please provide Braymor with your security code and safe word via text to 330-715-3481 or email Contact SimpliSafe for activation/deactivation instructions by calling 1-800-204-0542, by visiting their website at, or download the App.

9. Porches

You are permitted up to (4) patio style chairs and (1) table or (1) patio style couch and (1) table. Cloth furniture and couches are not permitted.

10. Grills

Grills are not permitted on the front or back porches. All grills must be located at least (2-feet) from the exterior of the house.

11. Yards

Keep your yard free of trash and debris. Do not store party tables, furniture, coolers, tree stumps, firewood, fire pits, motorcycles, or boats in the front or back yard at any time.

12. Flags, Lights, Signs, & Items Affixed to Walls

Flags, party or holiday lights, LED tape lighting, command strips, or signs of any kind are not permitted to be hung over the windows or in the inside or outside of the property at any time. Do not use anything except for small picture hook hangers or nails to attach anything to the walls of the Premises.

13. Musical Equipment

Use of outside speakers or PA equipment is not permitted at any time.

14. Washer & Dryer

Do not overload your washer and dryer. Do not attempt to wash or dry more than (4) pairs of jeans or (4) towels at a time. Do not wash comforters or blankets, they should be professionally cleaned or taken to a laundromat. Please clean the lint trap after each load.

15. Toilets & Drains

Make sure that you do not clog the kitchen or bathroom drains with large wads of paper. Please do not flush feminine products or wipes down the toilets at any time. Report any known leaks or running toilets immediately.

16. Parking

All parking areas are designated for Braymor Tenants Only. Visitors, Guests, Friends, and/or Significant Others are not permitted to park on the premises at any time.

The parking areas should be used for parking only and not for repair of vehicles, motorcycles, boats, parties, fire pits, storage of lumber, tables, boats, motorcycles, or other vehicles. Any unauthorized vehicles will be subject to tow at owners’ expense. If you have any questions or concerns regarding where you should park, please contact Braymor.

17. Smoke Detectors

Do not remove smoke detectors or smoke detector covers at any time. If your smoke detector is beeping, please contact Braymor to have the batteries replaced.

18. Roofs, Fire Escapes & Spigots

Except for in an emergency, no one is permitted on either the main roof, porch roof, or fire escapes at any time. No outside water spigots are permitted to be used at any time.

19. Fire Pits & Open Burning

Firepits, bonfires, and open burning is not permitted on the premises at any time.

20. Hair Dye

Do not use any hair dyes of any kind in the shower or bathtub. Hair dye will permanently stain the tub and shower enclosure.

21. Mini-Refrigerators & Additional Appliances

Mini-refrigerators and/or additional appliances are not permitted to be used upon the Premises. There is a charge of $50 per month for each unauthorized mini-refrigerator and/or additional appliance found at the Premises.

22. Space Heaters

Space heaters are not permitted to be used upon the Premises without prior consent from Braymor. There is a charge of $100.00 per month for each space heater used without consent.

23. Pets or Animals

This includes any visiting pets. Please do not feed any stray animals.

24. Safety

Keep your doors and windows locked. Keep your blinds closed/partially closed so that others cannot see into your house. Always keep your exterior lights on at night. If there are exterior bulbs that are burned out, please contact Braymor. Avoid large groups of people inside the property not only to avoid theft but also damages to the premises.

25. Braymor Leasing Season

The Braymor renewal and leasing season will begin on October 1, 2024. If you already know that you will not be renewing for 2023-2024, please notify Braymor via text or call to 330-715-3481 or email

Jack W. Morrison, Jr.

Paying Rent

Rent can either be paid by mailing a check payable to Braymor Development to the address below, or by one of the other following methods:


Braymor Development
P.O. Box 22455
634 W. Exchange St.
Akron, Ohio 44302-9998


Venmo @Braymor


Deposit Box: Located on the garage behind 498 Brown Street, the deposit box faces the side of the garage on Rankin Street next to the Braymor banner.


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