Braymor Block

Move Out Procedures

1. Move Out July 24th, 2023 at 12:00PM

All tenants must vacate the property on or before Thursday July 24, 2025, at 12:00 pm. There is a charge of $50.00/hr. per tenant for any tenant who has not vacated the property by 12:00 PM on the move-out date. When you leave the premises make sure that the window screens are closed, and all exterior doors and windows are locked.

2. Keys & Parking Hangers

At the time of move-out make sure that you leave your bedroom key in the bedroom lock. Place all exterior door keys and parking hangers if provided on the kitchen counter and submit your move-out checklist.

3. Security System

If your house is equipped with a SimpliSafe you must deactivate your account and provide Braymor your security code and safe word via text to 330-715-3481 or email Failure to do so at the time of move-out will result in a $100 deactivation charge. Contact SimpliSafe for activation/deactivation instructions by calling 1-800-204-0542, by visiting their website at, or download the App.

4. Security Deposit

All security deposits will be returned via Venmo on or before August 23, 2024. Prior to move-out make sure that you send a friend request to Venmo account @Braymor. If you are unable to use Venmo, please notify us and a check will be mailed to the alternate in lieu of online payment. If you would like your deposit mailed, please leave a self-addressed stamped envelope on the kitchen counter at the time of move-out.

5. Damages

If you would like to notify us of any damages that were committed by another tenant to avoid being charged you must text 330-715-3481 or email Any unreported damages will be assessed proportionately to all tenants.

6. Carpet Inspection

Please inspect your carpet as soon as possible and let Braymor know whether there are any tears, burns, or stains. Please remember to schedule your house carpet cleaning early. Don’t wait until the last minute.

7. Carpet Cleaning

Per your lease agreement you are responsible for having the carpets professionally cleaned. Please make sure that you leave a copy of the professional carpet cleaning company’s invoice with your exterior doors keys on the kitchen counter at the time of move-out. If you do not turn in a copy of the professional carpet cleaning invoice (an actual carpet cleaning company –no invoices for machine rental/self-clean will be accepted) we will assume that the carpets have not been cleaned and clean them at your expense. Please remember to schedule your carpet cleaning weeks in advance to avoid any scheduling conflicts.

8. Removal of Trash and Personal Property

At the time of move-out all trash and personal belongings must be completely removed from the interior and exterior of the property. (i.e., furniture, couches, patio furniture, etc.).

9. Special Trash Pick Up Order

If you need to order a special pick-up for any trash or belongings that will not fit in your trash cart, you must let us know on before Thursday July 17, 2025. Your last trash day is Wednesday July 23, 2025. At the time of move-out, there should be no trash on the curb or placed outside of your trash cart or there will be a fine of $150. If a special pick-up is ordered, you must place on the curb the night before any items that will not fit in your trash cart. (i.e., beds, couches, furniture, personal belongings, or multiple bags of trash). All loose trash should be bagged properly when placed on the curb.

10. Stove & Refridgerator Cleaning

The kitchen must be completely cleaned. This includes cleaning behind the stove and refrigerator for accumulated dirt and debris. These areas can be hard to reach, but you need to eliminate grimy buildup that breeds bugs and bad odors. It is important that stoves and refrigerators are carefully pulled out to avoid scratching or tearing the floors.

11. Appliances

The stove, refrigerator, microwave, washer/dryer, and dishwasher must be cleaned inside and out. All refrigerators must be defrosted and unplugged. Please report any broken appliance parts i.e., stove handle, stove or dryer knob, refrigerator crisper drawer, or siderail.

12. Clogged & Slow Drains

Please report to us any clogged or slow sink, shower, floor drains, and toilets.

13. Windows

All windows must be cleaned including the window glass, windowsill, and ledge. All window screens should be dropped down and all windows locked.

14. Smoke/Co2 Detectors

Make sure that all smoke/co2 detectors are in place with working battery.

15. Light Fixtures

All light fixtures must be clean and have working light bulbs. All light bulbs not replaced will cost you$5.00 each. (Including the basement).

16. Cable Internet Shut-Off

Make sure to schedule a shut off date for your cable/internet. Spectrum will continue to charge you whether you are there or not. Contact Spectrum at 877-772-2253.

17. Move Out Checklist

Make sure that you complete the Move-Out Checklist available at at the time of move-out. One (1) Checklist per house.

See Move Out Checklist

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