Braymor Block

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Pays Utilities?

Braymor Student Housing pays all utilities. (i.e. electric, gas, water, sewer & trash)

Can I prepay our rent?

Yes, many tenants choose to do this each year. 

Is a Cosigner required?

Yes, a parental/guardian cosigner is required. 

Where do we put our trash?

All trash should be kept in the City can behind your property. All cans should be pulled to the curb on Tuesdays before 5pm and pulled back behind your house on Wednesdays before 5pm.

Can we leave furniture behind?

No furniture or belongings are permitted to be left at the premises at the time of move-out.

Interested in Renting with Braymor?

Our safe, affordable student housing makes the perfect nest.

Renting with Braymor